I am a primitive entertainer.

My ceramic sculptures invite closer looks because they are dripping with water. The lumpy fountains are confused since they can’t control their oozing anymore. The figures just have to find ways to deal with the situation. Sometimes with their fists.

Leakiness indicates weakness, and that’s scary. By demonstrating the drizzle of bodily fluids, I’m taking a stand on whose bodies are allowed to be vulnerable and free from societal pressures.

I picture dreamy faces with thread, sequin and glass beads. My hand embroidered works include melting sceneries, awkward moments and seducing details. The fuzzy brothers have only five legs. Your favourite smile is a floater. There are orange body parts sticking out of a bush. With these primal characters I’m blurring the made-up line between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom.

At a tender age I fell in love with bad taste. Now I’m appropriating the most surreal elements of kitsch. I’m not willing to draw a straight line. I would rather let it wander in all the shades of pink.

I’m all about shame, acceptance, bafflement, subconscious, animality, guts, intuition and LOVE.