In Finland we have a term: kukkahattutäti. Literally translated, it means an auntie with a flower hat, but in internet forums you’re likely to get that mock name if you support equality between people, ethic choices, ecological thinking, or display similar symptoms of naive idealism.

We decided to turn the tables and appropriate the term.

The auntie with the flower hat has come to be such an excellent term in the critical debate about immigrants that we must make the most of it. In the old days the straitlaced moralist scampered to her meetings wearing a massive flower hat and knew just how others should lead their lives. Today, it is the immigration critic who seems to know so well what is right and what wrong for others and society. While he too propounds his views with self-righteousness, he does so in internet forums while hiding behind a screen name. In these discussions, the flower hat is given to a person who supports equality between humans, calls racist outbursts into question and makes eco-friendly choices.

We shamelessly support equality and other values typical for the ladies with the flower hats and are looking for like-minded people. Racism is being justified with freedom of speech, and giving one’s face to racism has even become trendy. We think flower hats are trendy and suit anyone who doesn’t accept racism.

In January 2011 we opened a community art photo gallery where the pictures of us, of you and of other ladies with flower hats are displayed. You can join us by taking the photo yourself and sending it to kukkahattutati.com@gmail.com.

With kind regards,

Jaana Ristola, Ninni Luhtasaari and Anni Kössi


Title: Kukkahattutäti / Kukkahattutati.com
Animation: Ninni Luhtasaari
Music: Ninni Luhtasaari
Length: 00:01:35
Size: 16:9
Year: 2011


Title: Kukkahattutäti.com at Hirvitalo on 26 March 2011
Video: Ninni Luhtasaari
Music: Ninni Luhtasaari
Length: 00:01:12
Size: 16:9
Year: 2011