Bim, you’re a bass player
plywood, polyester strings, broom sticks

“You can turn a car into a bass guitar when you attach a stick and a string to it” my father used to tell me. The story started to hunt me.

Low bass frequencies have always been physical experiences for me. Since I was thirteen years old I have been playing the Fender Precision bass sitting on the top of a big Peavey bass amplifier. The vibrations reminded me of a washing machine.
From my fathers stories I understood that bass doesn’t always have to be something you hang on to a jack cable.

In Ars Viikinsaari located in a lovely island in Tampere I built three string basses of plywood hidden away from the common hang around beaches. Basses were named after the three brave bass heroes who I played along as a teenager: Carol Kaye, Jaco Pastorius and Flea. The visitors plucked the basses by drawing the strings coming from the boxes using a broom stick. And so there was music! This rumble carried far through the forest and combined the mountainous low frequency to the noble orchestra of nature!



Title: Bim, you’re a Bass Player
Length: 00:01:21
Size: 16:9
Year: 2011