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Ninni Forever Band is my one person band. N4EB has a golden hunch of pop, electric super sounds and novice touch on experiments with rock’n’roll.

My next album “Lätäkössä” will be released in the fall 2016. More details soon! You may expect a music video directed by Anna-Mari Nousiainen to be released in June 2016.

The Ninni Forever Band self titled debut album was released by a Finnish Tampere-based label Äänetön in November 2012. It was recorded and produced by Risto Ylihärsilä of Risto and Teemu Markkula of Death Hawks. The album contains 11 solid weird and golden songs.
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In the band my name is Dumb Pint and mostly I play the guitar!

Pintandwefall got started as a project for just one single show in Vantaa, Finland, in the spring of 2006.

The spontaneous hold on ideas, fearless grabbing of instruments, doubtless view on life and a stage presence to match have taken this masked quartet through both Finnish and European music scene for the last ten years.

Snatching the first place at the Ääni ja Vimma -band competition in 2007 raised Pintandwefall to the attention of a larger audience, after which they have worked hard touring in Finland and achieving a reputation as a solid live group.

Pintandwefall has released four studio albums: Wow! What was that, Baby? (GAEA 2007), Hong Kong, Baby (GAEA 2009), Time is right for Romans, Baby (GAEA 2011) and Be My Baby (GAEA 2013). Fifth studio album will be released during the fall 2016. Tune in.
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Pic by Tero Ahonen

Pic by Tero Ahonen

I’ve played guitar and bass in the band since fall 2013 (minus my maternity leave). Our chemistry has some raw energy in it.

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On inevitable holy days four unholy minstrels travel to the Hill of the Lords to make music you never thought you would hear in your life.
Until that holy midnight these CHAMPIONS are ripe to expose their musical fruits to all the midnight lovers!